Bridge Party


Bridge Party (1997)



“These lucky ladies are each smoking a nice big cigarette. Reluctantly, I had to give up this habit a few years ago, but one troublesome day, when I really felt like one, I sat down and drew this picture instead. In my room, kept handy for such occasions, is an ancient ashtray with quite a large selection of ash, old dog-ends and half-smoked cigarettes, relics of the smoking days of yore. These I use as models when I’m adding a touch of realism to a gutter or pub floor. However, these are ladies, holding cards which I hope are suitable for bridge. Actually they are the cards with the least number of spots, because I grew tired of painting them in the end. Of greater interest to me are their little black dresses, which I think would look nice for an evening card party.”
Availability:Rare edition – copy available
Image Size:14 Edition Size:650 signed